2005, January 21, 12:14 AM: Pictures of our new baby... See the 2005_Kaitaro link to the left.

On Jan 3rd, 2005 at 09:55 PM, Hiromi and I had our first baby. A 3.5 Kg (7 lb. 10.7 oz.) 52cm (20.5 in.) long healthy baby boy. We didn't know his sex until we met him, so we had several male and female names picked out. We were hoping to pick one that worked well in Japan and America. But when we met him, he looked so Japanese that we had to start over. I guess the American side will have to learn some new sounds... Kaitaro Makoto Hawkins it is!

"Kaiko" in Japanese, is a silkworm. But we didn't want to give him a name that literally means a type of worm. And "Ko" at the end of a name is feminime in Japanese anyway. So, we took the part we liked (Kai) and went from there. "Taro" is a suffix that literally means "The first born son of..." So, technically, "Kaitaro" would mean, "The first born son of Kai". Like American names though, it really is just a name... Inspired by the thought of silk, since he is both soft and strong for a little baby and he wiggles a little bit like a silkworm! "Makoto" is an old Japanese name that is inspires thoughts of truthfulness and sincerity. Even the first day he was born, there were moments where he looked serene and thoughtful as some sort of sage of old. Such a sage might like to be named Makoto.

Time for bed... While the chance is still here! Let me know if you like the pictures.


2003, October 2, 09:09 PM: Long time with no updates... But, there is something new today. Check out the new "RepetitionFinder application in the software section.

So, is anyone interested in a new game along the lines of "Breakout", "Space Invaders", or "Artillery"? If you are, drop me a line. I have been thinking about writing a simple fun video game like one of the above. (I get so much spam, that I apologize in advance if I accidentally delete one of these well-intentioned letters... Use a subject like "Your Software on Locutius.com")



2002, June 30, 04:30 PM: This site is now officially unleashed upon the world. May it live long and prosper... Along with it's creator.

I made several changes to the site today. For those curious about web design, the release notes follow... For everyone else, skip on down the page... The changes were:

The site is named after a minor deity in the Roman pantheon. According to The Encyclopedia Mythica, "When in 387 BCE the Gauls moved towards Rome, a certain Caedicius heard for several days a mysterious voice from the shrubbery on the Forum Romanum. The voice warned against the Gallic attack and advised to fortify the walls of Rome. Caedicius went to the Roman authorities but they did not believe his story. The attackers found Rome virtually undefended and entered without much resistance. When the enemy was finally driven out, a temple was built on this place in honor of this warning deity, who was named Aius Locutius..."

As time permits, I hope to add information on issues related to computers and technology that might serve sometimes as a warning on current issues. Or, just helpful advice. If you have a question that might be good to answer in this way, feel free to send it via the link at the bottom of every page. Until then, you will find sections of photographs, software, and the beginnings of a commentary section.


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