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FileSpeedTest is a utility for testing file handling speed of a computer for local or network volumes. The open and save functions in FileSpeedTest are standard, simple, and very fast. The file handling routines used are pure file read and file write functions, so this is also an excellent utility for testing general disk and network speed.

FileSpeedTest can be used to verify that systems are running at their rated speed, verify the effectiveness of compression in a data system, or to evaluate and document the efficiency in network or local storage systems during the development process. Because the routines used are standard, simple, and very fast, the data gathered by FileSpeedTest can be a useful for speed comparison with more complex open and save routines during software development.

FileSpeedTest is free for charitable or experimental use. However, if you are a professional who has saved dozens of hours of design, engineering, testing, bug fix, and redesign time by using my utility instead of writing your own, please pay the utterly reasonable license fee. There are several options that will fit just about any user.

Please read the License Agreement before using FileSpeedTest.
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