RPG Dice

RPG Dice is a random number generator for role-playing games. It uses cryptographic quality random number generation that matches the quality of randomness possible with physical dice. To insure equivalence with traditional game-play, no algorithmic shortcuts are taken. Internally, the software follows the same process that a person would... If 3d6 is required, 3 separate d6 rolls are made and added together.

RPG Dice has two modes: Roll Dice and Roll Attributes. When rolling dice, specify the number of sides for up to 6 dice at a time. These virtual dice may have up to 32000 sides. The average, total, and total minus the lowest die are calculated for you.

Rolling attributes has a few more options, as follows:
  1. Attribute Delay: A delay in milliseconds to pause between rolling attribute sets. A delay of 0 disables most user feedback for a "turbo-mode" effect. Any value other than 0 allows immediate feedback including shading of grid cells.
  2. Reroll Delay: A seperate delay for cases of rerolls, to allow the user time to see why a reroll is occurring.
  3. # of Valid Rolls: The number of valid (i.e. not re-rolled) attribute sets to generate.
  4. Use common reroll rules: Sets reroll rules to the most common configuration. The checkbox is enabled only when reroll rules are not set for to this configuration.
  5. DDO Compatible: Sets reroll criteria for compatability with Dungeons and Dragons Online character generation. The checkbox is enabled only when the settings are not DDO compatible.
  6. Best Attribute Must Exceed: Written this way to match wording in popular role-playing games. One attribute must exceed this value for the attribute set to be valid. So, for "14 or better", set this to 13.
  7. Sum of attribute modifiers in the attribute set must be at least this value.
  8. Min / Max build points: Set for a range to insure balance. Or, set both the 32 for example, to cause RPG Dice to reroll until the random result happens to be a 32-point build.
  9. Minimum Worst Attribute: No attribute in the set is allowed to be below this value.

Attribute sets are displayed in the upper grid as they are rolled. Discarded die rolls are shaded gray. Cells with data related to a reroll are shaded pink. Each attribute set is copied to the lower grid when complete. Copying from grids is supported via CTRL-c for copy and CTRL-v for paste. Sorting of grids is supported by clicking the header rows.

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       Click Here To Download RPG Dice, Granite Dice Version

There is also an absurd version of this that I made as a study in multi-threading... If you really need to generate more than 500 sets of attributes per second, have at it:

       Click Here To Download RPG Dice, Chindogu Enhanced Version

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